The doctor developed BioSculpt Body program is implemented by trained and knowledgeable weight loss coaches to assist users in their personal weight loss efforts. The intended use of our program is by healthy adult individuals above the age of 18 years old. We are not a medical organization or facility nor do we provide any health advice or diagnosis and we strongly encourage you to take our program to your primary care physician and dietician for review before starting, especially those who are taking medication(s) or have a medical condition. Any modifications made to the program by your physician or dietician should be followed. Nothing contained in this website nor information and reports generated by us should ever be interpreted as a substitute for a physician consultation, evaluation, diagnosis or treatment. Even though our program has been developed to follow safe rate weight loss guidelines by The National Institutes of Health's Practical Guide: Identification, Evaluation, and Treatment of Overweight and Obesity in Adults, View Guide, if you experience rapid weight loss of more than two pounds per week we urge you to adapt your program with your physician or dietician. Studies have shown, for example, that weight loss can aggravate gallbladder illness. We recommend that you receive periodic medical checkups before, during and after using our program. In order to begin our program you must have working liver, kidneys and lymphatic system. Our program is not valid for pregnant or breastfeeding women, those diagnosed morbidly obese, those with epilepsy, those on photosensitive drugs or known photosensitivity, those with an active infection, those with type 1 diabetes, those on cortisone or other steroid injections, those with medical implants in areas exposed to biophotonic energy technology or electrical medical implants anywhere (i.e. pacemaker), those with a current surgery, wound, trauma and/or keloid scarring in areas exposed to biophotonic energy technology and those with cancer or any other serious or terminal medical condition. These services and products are not intended to diagnose, cure, or prevent any disease.  Even though we use FDA cleared devices in our program, our program, statements and associated supportive products have not been evaluated by the FDA.